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Senior SW Engineer for AI Centre (m/f)

This is an experienced role responsible for Dataclair AI software solutions. We’re looking for candidates with previous experience in design, architecture and coding of SW solutions who profoundly understand how to create and maintain software products. You will be an essential part of our development teams where you will be holding full responsibility for SW aspects of the products. If you’re one of the candidates, you have courage to work in R&D environment where "R" truly means Research. You can easily design and code variety of customers' requests. You are an out of the box thinker, quick learner, designer, coder, technical mentor and leading person who is always able to find, create and uphold right and efficient solution. As a SW Engineer, you know well how to work in SCRUM like SDLC. And last but not least, you will contribute as our teammate to building our culture.


In your daily work, you will:
• develop robust and high performing software systems,
• design efficient and reusable modules/systems that drive complex Machine Learning products,
• implement core parts and modules of our Big Data / Machine Learning products,
• collaborate with other software engineers, data engineers and data scientists to accelerate development,
• improve code quality and stability across groups through Code Review, setting Code standards etc.,
• collaborate with Product Managers, Team Leaders and teams to deliver compelling Machine Learning products within complex telco environments,
• identify and resolve performance and scalability issues,
• show profound experience utilizing automation tools to deliver robust software components,
• report to Head of R&D.


What is essential: 
• experience with development of production-grade distributed systems
• ability to design, implement and reason about complex systems at scale
• profound hands-on experience with TDD
• good sense for when to do smart tradeoffs/hacks to enable business growth and when to be laser focused on quality and precision
• 7+ years of Coding experience with interpreted and compiled languages, including concepts like Software Design Patterns, Asynchronous programming, Microservices and more
• hands-on experience with CI/CD pipelines automation, deployment, containerisation, load balancing and monitoring
• experience with cloud platforms
• you’re keen to growth in any of the above skills you might be lacking
• both Czech and English in full professional proficiency (minimum C1, there are non-Czech speakers in the R&D teams) 

What is optional: 
• experience from startup environment is a big plus 
• ability to understand and use functional programming concepts in practical ways
• experience working with data-oriented or analytics teams is a big plus 
• experience with data warehouses, big data platforms, data science and machine learning based products is a big plus 
• experience with cloud products is a plus 


We are O2 Centre for Artificial Intelligence. We work on data science and AI implementation in business environments, we build our own AI research team, we promote Fair Machine Learning and Ethical AI, and we have our hands in Medical AI R&D too.

We use technologies, platforms and tools like R, Python, Tensorflow, H2O, Hadoop, Spark, cloud computing, bash, Git, or Java. We are based in Prague and we try to combine the best of both the corporate and startup worlds. We can give you interesting and rewarding work in a young and inspirational team. If you wonder how much inspirational we can get, just listen to this podcast ( to one of our members talking about AI, future of humanity, brain, beer and other stuff (in Czech).


O2 Czech Republic a.s.
Silvia Trnovská